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Acrylic Painting for Beginners

Acrylic painting for beginners is a great way to introduce anyone to the beauty and fun found in creative artwork. Whether in a school art class or for individuals simply seeking a creative outlet, acrylic painting for beginners is one of the least expensive and most versatile options available in today’s painting market. In time and according to personal preference, budding artists can then further learn to experiment with acrylic painting and explore the limitless options of this creative painting medium. There are, however, some important caveats every acrylic painter should be made aware of prior to starting their artistic endeavor to ensure the success of every acrylic painting project for beginners is not hampered by some simple mistakes.

Acrylic paints are a rapid drying paint, which means, the acrylic paint exposed to air will dry extremely quickly on the canvas or painter’s palette. By using a minimal amount of paint on the palette and keeping a spray bottle with water handy, beginner acrylic painters will not face a copious waste of paint or experience frustration of constantly drying paints. In time, acrylic painters will realize the truly beneficial nature of rapidly-drying acrylic paints, but for now, keeping this in mind can prevent a lot of confusion and consternation.

Acrylic paints also offer artists the option of truly making an acrylic paint canvas a unique work of art. Artists can implement a strategy of mixing acrylic paints with water to minimize or maximize the color density of a piece. Acrylic paintings are well known as a method of making beautiful watercolor works that will retain their insoluble properties, allowing a painter to paint over or augment an acrylic painting without fear of blotting previous work on a canvas. By also mixing acrylic paints with various glazes, beginner painters can find an almost limitless possibility of finished glazes. Transparent glazes are best obtained by painting thin layers of acrylic paint on a canvas. High gloss surfaces are possible when heavy layers of acrylic paint are placed upon one another on a canvas.

Another tip for acrylic painting for beginners is the opportunity to use acrylic paints creatively in a manner aside from traditional painting. The layering technique mentioned above can be used to create a noticeable level of texture on a piece. Additionally, artists can achieve an appearance similar to Sgraffito by layering a piece with contrasting shades of a similar color for an overall outstanding affect. Once again, the fast-drying properties of acrylic allow for this to occur in a relatively short period of time, which is due to the fact that a typical layer of acrylic paint is completely dried within about fifteen minutes. Also, collage work with a background of acrylic paint can be used as a vibrant and beautiful alternative to traditional glue, paste, or tape techniques with minimal caution needing to be taken in regards to the rapid drying properties of the paint. Acrylic painting for beginners is truly about learning the basic properties of acrylic paints firsthand and then exploring acrylic painting and the limitless options as their own creative mind pleases.



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